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Next Edition probably June 2017 | LMU Munich

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ADVANCED TRACKS 2016 - for developers and designers focussing on pure coding:


Chatbots - the next big thing in technology has arrived. Facebook Messanger, KiK and almost every big player in the IT industry is providing the possibility to create bots. Leverage chatbots capabilities, combine them with our APIs and create a breathtaking car rental booking experience or an innovative way to find your dream job at Sixt.


Ownership Features
Starting point: There is a dongle in the car and a mobile device in the drivers pocket. Both are creating a lot of interesting data like fuel consumption, speed, service history and many more.
What would be cool? What do you want? Imagine the customer! Now let your imagination run wild on what could be done with this data! We are looking for surprises & some cool apps!


IoTizing the workplace - Workplace 4.0 - How can IoT contribute to employee satisfaction?
IoT is / can be everywhere - at home, but also work.
Have you ever thought about how sensor devices like temperature, noise, light, CO2, humidity, air pressure and others can be be used and help to change the condition how we work? How can IoT be used to change the way we work or the workplace we spent so much time in. Let's make the work place smart - IoT smart!

MIXED TRACKS 2016 - for business people, developers, designers and others
with conceptual work and coding:


Create the future of sports entertainment!
Sky will provide you with a deep dive into our world of sports statistics, with detailed data records from one of the leading football clubs in Germany and internationally.
Envision and develop your idea about how data stats can deliver surprising new features and exciting new experiences for sport fans on and off screen – when combined with watching live matches, before, during and after matches or even completely independent from any live experiences. Play with the data and surprise us with your ideas and creations!


Better than life.
Leading Silicon Valley companies have been dropping hint after hint that the next big thing will be augmented reality - basically, integrating software into the real world. So we would like to see you coming up with ideas and concepts, where technology makes a difference, be it in peoples' lives, in companies' processes, or in consumers' experiences:
Create your very own interpretation of the world!

Whether running in the park, walking to work or working out in the gym – o2 wants to reward customers with credits for every step they take. These credits can be redeemed in a selection of internal o2 and/or external partner rewards all from within a new o2 app. Brainstorm ideas for this new reward concept, think of the app and which features are needed. How should the app look and feel like? Finally build a beta app version of your developed concept.

You have skills in hacking, but don't have time the whole weekend?
Help others building their apps and join us as a hacking-mastermind! Drop us a mail with your availability and background at Be part of something great!

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