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November 2016 | LMU Munich

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MIXED TRACKS 2015 - for business students, developers, designers and others
with conceptual work and coding:


OTTO wants its users to be committed to them on the long term. Think of a smartphone shopping app feature that makes you want to use it daily. Alternatively consider content for a watch app that leads to regular use.


Brainstorm app ideas where secure messaging functionality is needed - for business, consumer or even government use cases. Trustcase's technology can easily verify the identity of the recipient and securely encrypt messages, data and tasks. Develop use cases where such security is crucial - in your own app, a mashup or with IoT integration.


Are you into IoT? Do you love chocolate? We've got it both. Brainstorm ideas to create an app that connects things and makes life more comfortable. Smart Home or other areas of use. With WunderBarar®n a product development kit with different sensors the developers in your team can easily create a prototype of your idea.


Develop an app concept from scratch that supports information management within the BMW construction department that coordinates construction over 150 buildings for BMW per year. Create a smart approach to aggregate all relevant information for the project managers about their running projects, such as status, alerts, news and communication tools.

ADVANCED TRACKS 2015 - for developers and designers focussing on pure coding:


In this track you are asked to develop a new app or app feature based on Yelps API (or a mashup of it with another API). It is all about location based recommendations of nearly every category you can think of.


Develop new ideas and features making it easier for "DriveNow"customers to locate, reserve and get informed about their desired car. You may even develop a new app that is all around car sharing.


Cognitive Computing with Watson. The Alchemy API with Watson Services enables you to build cognitive applications that can understand the users' needs and predict their behavior. Alchemy has three major abilities: language processing, image recognition and news analysis - use them.

TRACKS for 2016 will be anounced soon!

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